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Alexandria Muse

Tanderra Kadu (exp NZ) x Musria (s.o.d. Mustafa)
Grey mare 8.11.93
Alex is the dam of Candy Man Autrey and as she can no longer breed she keeps Nattai Senig (Googy) company. We call them the odd couple but they are very happy together!

STOP PRESS! After 3 years living together Alex and Googy have surprised us all by producing a stunning arabian pony colt (see on Arab – Male page)!

Yaldon Shaadara
Yaldon ibn Heirloom x Yaldon Shaariah (s.o.d. Hi Drift)
Chestnut mare 11.1.94
Shaadara was my riding horse for many years and became a mother later in life producing Ffarburn Hari’s Gold (the foal on the home page) who is turning into a big, good looking horse with a fabulous temperament. Shaadara had retired as a companion to Kasdell Dane then just surprised us with a colt foal at 23 years of age!

Yaldon Shaarimah
Yaldon ibn Heirloom x Yaldon Shaariah (s.o.d. Hi Drift)
Chestnut mare 28.8.95
A finer, more elegant mare which Marilyn Don fondly called their Royal Doulton mare. Full sister to Shaadara. She produced a colt to Kasdell Dane in 2012 and a colt by Eljannah Zafir in December 2015. Shaarimah is now retired from breeding.

 Yaldon Lanita
Yaldon Nazah x Yaldon Latifa (s.o.d. Iraki Assam)
Bay mare 9.9.95
A smaller mare with Abiram and Riffayal in her dams paternal side.  Another maiden mare we hope will produce a foal to continue the lines. Currently running with Nattai Senig.

El Sherran Ricadonna
Ricardo x Aramino Kazmirah (s.o.d. Heirloom)
Chestnut mare 13.9.96
“Chocky” (pictured with Naashara) is a family favorite and needs no introduction to the endurance community. She has many championships to her name and is now retired from riding to become a broodmare. Thank you to Julie and Astrid for allowing me to purchase this wonderful mare.

STOP PRESS! After 3 years of trying to get her to conceive by various methods, Chocky finally produced a filly to performance champion Malleegrove Mandalla. Thank you to Kim Wilson at Donnybrook Equine AI Centre.

 Yaldon Naashai
Yaldon Nazah x Yaldon Shaariah (s.o.d. Hi Drift)
Grey mare 5.8.97
Naashai is another big Yaldon mare that has only had one foal. She is currently running with Kasdell Dane.

 Ilbery Farm Mardie
Bluegrass Rendition x Ilbery Farm Alondra (s.o.d. Priority)
Grey mare 10.09.98
Mardie is the latest edition to the mare band and half sister to Tilly.

 Saran Dipity
Fairview Shakla’s Legacy x Noran Kristee (s.o.d. Count Cordova)
Chestnut mare 15.10.98
Zarz is almost full sister to Kawya. She did a bit of endurance riding later in life and has now joined our broodmare band. She hasn’t got in foal so runs with Nattai Senig….perhaps he can surprise us again with an arabian pony like Granville!

 Ilbery Farm Capella
Bluegrass Rendition x Denmark Baringa (s.o.d. Zanzibar)
Bay mare 24.10.99
Ilbery Farm Capella (Tilly) has been kindly leased to me by her breeder. Tilly was an endurance horse before becoming a broodmare. She is particularly special as her grandfather is Zanzibar, the wonderful stallion who started the arab obsession for me. She produced a colt foal to Westhope Park Shakaan in November 2015 who has been sold as a stallion.

Noran Kawya
Fairview Shakla’s Legacy x Noran Kyan (s.o.d. Count Cordova)

Chestnut mare 28.9.01
Kawya is a show winning half sister to Mister Max so allows me to continue the Count Manilla line that we have only been able to produce geldings with so far. Thank you to the Wall family for the opportunity to own this mare. Kawya has produced for us 2 strapping colts by Dane and is running with him again…..filly this time please!

Robmurty Bindara
Simaril Chand x Yaldon Bindetta (s.o.d. Heirloom)
Bay mare  20.09.02
We were very lucky to secure Bindi with her impressive endurance pedigree. Her sire Simaril Chand (Arim x Crown Jewel) has produced many exceptional endurance horses. Another maiden mare, we hope to breed from her in the 2017 season.

Statford Grimaldi x Aloha Contessa (s.o.d. Stormarn Contender)
Black/brown mare 8.10.04
Martini is our gentle giant standing at 16.1hh. She is an Arabian Warmblood mare with impressive dressage, showjumping and endurance bloodlines. Teeney gave us an arabian warmblood colt in 2016 by the UK performance arabian Marcus Aurelius.

Orlando (imp De) x Simeon Sucie (s.o.d. Raadin Royal Star imp US)
Grey mare 8.12.05
Soosy is a beautiful chunky straight egyptian mare with a wonderful temperament who we are very excited to have join our mares and will be bred in the 2017 season.

Ruoak Mihri
Cherox Raakid x Naharija (s.o.d. Murzuk)
Brown mare 06.09.06
Mihri is a sweet mare and a recent addition with an interesting mix of egyptian and crabbet lines.

 Kasdell Dove
Volcano x Indian Melody (s.o.d. Harb Vanity)
Grey filly 28.1.12
Dove is 100% crabbet and made the 7 day trek from southern Tasmania to south-west Western Australia. She looks to be going to be tall and big moving like her half brother Kasdell Dane.

Ffarburn Dhyana
Kasdell Dane x Yaldon Hashara (s.o.d. Hi Drift)
Grey filly 30.09.12
Named after our friend Diana- without her efforts this filly would not have been possible.
This high crabbet filly is Kasdell Danes first purebred foal and looks like growing into a big arabian like her parents.

Ffarburn Madonna
Malleegrove Mandalla x El Sherran Ricadonna (s.o.d. Ricardo)
Bay filly 05.02.16
Finally Chocky has blessed us with a foal and a gorgeous filly at that. The little chocolate button has quite a bit of spunk and a lot of visitors. She has very big shoes to fill as both her parents have impressive performance records.

Sugarfoot Danell
Kasdell Dane x Lady Nell Bawhoop (s.o.d. Lord Bahri)
Grey filly 23.03.11
Sugarfoot is 75% arabian out of a beautiful Quarab mare. She has been left to grow and develop on the hills of Balingup and has now been brought in and started.  She has attended an endurance workshop camping overnight , several 2 day dressage clinics, been ridden in bush, beach and farmland and showing a wonderful temperament and trainability.